Workshop on Scalable Biometrics

Workshop on Scalable Biometrics 2021

The main challenge discussed in this workshop is the question how behavioral biometric approaches scale to different pervasive computing environments, containing multiple users with changing behavior, different physicalities, and changing sensing and interaction capabilities. While behavioral biometrics so far was mainly investigated in the lab for single users, we envision this project to enable a significant leap forward towards behavioral biometrics becoming a powerful means for identifying and authenticating users in future pervasive computing environments that combines high usability with strong security. We will bring together researchers interested in this topic to exchange ideas and methodologies.


•12-14 Welcome, Lab-tour, and Lunch (Stefan Schneegaß)

•14-15 Ph.D. Students` Presentations (Lukas Mecke, Sarah Delgado, Alia Saad, Jonathan Liebers)

•15-16 Paper Ideation per WP (Florian Alt)

•16-18 Paper Outlines (all)

•18-20 Dinner


• 10-12 Refinements of Outline (Lukas Mecke, Sarah Delgado, Alia Saad, Jonathan Liebers)

•12-13 Lunch

•13-15 Discussion on Future Research Challenges (Stefan Schneegaß)

•15-16 Wrap Up (Florian Alt)

•18-20 Dinner